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Online learning has become crucial due to its accessibility, flexibility, diversity of content, cost-effectiveness, technological advancements, personalised learning, and global collaboration.

As the world battled with the COVID-19 pandemic, it became even more evident that there was a need for online learning as many educational institutions across the globe were shut down.

Additionally, technological advancements have made online learning more interactive and engaging, enabling career advancement, personalised learning, and lifelong learning. This notwithstanding, there have been some challenges with digital learning platforms, particularly, with regard to localised and specialised learning. 

Changing the Narrative

In 2020, a team of young Ghanaians with vast experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) decided to team up “to provide the target market [persons interested in GIS courses] with an ecosystem (platform) to develop their skills and develop career potentials (i.e., start a business or get job opportunities). Additionally, [to develop a platform that aims] to provide opportunities to individuals (tutors) or institutions with skills and a knowledge base to provide tutoring for others. This module serves as an income generation module for tutors.”

The platform,, developed in collaboration with Faciotech, an IT solutions company, commenced in 2020 but was launched in 2022. After development and testing between 2020 and 2021, the creators of the platform, wanting to achieve excellence and the best user experience, spent another year upgrading it. has been designed with a few basic design principles: it should be easy to use and easy to understand. It should be able to provide users with all their answers and build skills. 

According to the creators of this platform, “Our major philosophy was to ensure that anyone who used the platform either attained a new skill or developed an existing skill. We have tutors who have offered to provide courses, but after reviewing and vetting the content, we realised it would not improve skills (very theoretical learning content), so we rejected those courses. targets anyone who wants to learn. However, based on the structure of materials available, the demographics to be considered would be people between the ages of 18 and 44 who are in senior high schools or at the tertiary level. Additionally, there are special features that allow the onboarding of organisations. 

Key Features of

Access to structured learning content: The platform provides users with comprehensive structured learning content. This means that courses available on the platform adhere to a clear curriculum or set of learning goals. Courses have clearly defined objectives and evaluations and are methodical, structured, and frequently sequential. There is a planned and intentional approach to teaching and learning that is used in organised learning environments, guaranteeing that students go through the content in a logical and coherent way.

Flexible study time; has been designed to enable users to study anywhere, anytime, and at their own pace. There are no time restrictions or limitations on learning on the platform. Users can also learn using any smart device, ranging from TV sets to laptops, phones, or tablets. The platform also tracks the status to ensure continuity of study even if the learner changes devices.

Certification: Users of the platform earn certificates after the completion of courses on the platform. Certificates are awarded based on the completion of courses and assessments and performance on tests. It is, however, worth mentioning that not all courses have tests.

Affordable: The creators of the learning platform understand that while learners need to continually improve their learning, they have to be able to afford it to take advantage of it. It is the reason that highly competitive prices have been attached to various courses. Additionally, the platform has free courses that learners can take advantage of. 

Learning Community: The platform has communities/Forums. This feature allows for users to engage with experts, tutors, and other users. Users of the platform do not need to be registered for any course to access the forums. The forums are open and free. 

Learn and Earn: As part of the ambition to make learning content available and affordable, Inv Courses has a feature that rewards users of the platform. These rewards can be redeemed to purchase new courses or gift courses to other users. This reward feature is linked to the continuous efforts of learners to learn. The more progress is made, the more learners can earn. 

Career Opportunities; also focuses on creating career opportunities for users. The platform has a profile portal where users can fill in their background and experiences [more like a CV]. Based on performance in courses, the team behind the platform can offer internship opportunities for learners, if available. As part of expanding opportunities for career building through the platform, creators have been continually working with organisations to find the best fit for learners. 

Organisational LMS feature: the platform provides the opportunity for organisations to have their own learning management system within the platform. Organisations are able to create and manage their own content within the platform while maintaining full control over their staff, content, and users.

Raving Reviews

Since September 25, 2022, there have been raving reviews for

Bichamabor Nlampom wrote, This is a great platform for anybody that is interested in GIS. The courses are well explained in a simple and straightforward manner.

I have benefited from this platform as a Physical Planner. If you want to approach your GIS tasks with confidence and be ahead of your colleagues as far as your work is concerned, then this platform is for you. InvCourses you are simply amazing.”

Ebenezer Ofori, another user, wrote, “As a beginner in GIS, I love the learning environment, as I am almost through with the introductory part. The team is always on standby to assist you if you face difficulties in any part of your studies.”

Data Protection and Privacy has implemented security protocols to ensure the protection and privacy of its data. The collected data is exclusively used on the platform for managing users’ access. The platform operates in compliance with the EU protection policy.

About Creator of

Valentine Adolsum Anaba is a planner and geospatial analyst with a 1st degree in planning (development and spatial planning) and a 2nd degree in Geoinformation Science. For the past 5 years, he has worked as a technical advisor with a specific focus on geoinformation system design, ICT, and digitization. 

“In my professional experience as a technical advisor, I have had the opportunity to interact with a lot of institutions, organisations, students, and individuals across the country (Ghana). During my engagement, I have identified that there is a huge gap between the technical skills required for the performance of activities and existing skills. My experience from the universities also revealed that we don’t have the required skills needed by the job market, so we have a lot of people without employable skills.”

“As someone who provides in the private sector, I have seen and observed the types of skills institutions request, and most employable youth do not have these skills, and those who had the skills didn’t have the opportunity to use their skills. Thus,  I decided to develop an online learning platform that will provide educational content (technical and in-market-demand skills) to individuals, students, and institutions.”

“The platform was also designed to give people who have skills the opportunity to offer their services as a means of making some income,” Mr. Anaba said, explaining his personal motivation for leading the process towards the creation of the learning platform. 

Insights and Future plans

According to Mr. Anaba, while having thoroughly enjoyed the process of creating the platform, he realised that: “realised that Ghanaians and some people (Nigeria and Nairobi) are very sceptical about making payment on online platforms. During our marketing campaign, there have been instances where we have people who are interested in a course but skeptical to make payments because they think it’s a scam.”

“Interestingly, we also have people who are skeptical about the prices. They feel that because the prices are low, the courses are not detailed. This experience has stunned me. People are not willing to invest in themselves without a guarantee of a job. Some potential clients have asked if we will provide them with jobs after they learn. While they know it is important for them to have skills, they are not ready/willing to learn.”

The future of is one that remains bright. has plans to integrate AI into its forums to enhance responses to user questions. Additionally, the platform will introduce a Professional Mentorship Pool, a feature that will help pair users and offer coaching support for launching new businesses. The goal is to boost employability by encouraging collaborative efforts among users and fostering the development of new businesses aligned with their skills.

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