Ourcauseaid: The Organisation Revolutionising Fundraising for Charities in Ghana

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Empowering Local Businesses: The Journey of BokxPOS from Concept to Creation

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Smart Finance Strategies: Chairman of Urbane Holdings Urges Prioritizing Debt-Free Investments

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The Power of Partnerships: A Simple Guide for New Entrepreneurs

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Green Financing in Real Estate: A Global Perspective and Africa’s Path

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Don’t Start Your Business With a Loan & 3 other insights for new entrepreneurs by Big G, CEO of Websoft

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‘Ego Is Your Enemy’ & 3 Other Lessons for New Entrepreneurs by BigGodwin Martey, CEO WebSoft

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Ghanaian Farmer Shares Horrific Experience of Theft and Juju on His Poultry Farm

Businesses are tough to run even when everything goes as planned. Imagine that, as part of all the issues you have to deal with, employees pilfering your products is another thing you have to deal with.  For many employers, theft from employees is a total nightmare. In this article, we explore the firsthand account of … Read more